Simone Balhuizen, born 18th August 1973, The Netherlands.

Simone applies traditional techniques in her way of painting. That can be 'alla prima' whereby a painting is completed in almost one single session. Or a layered approach whereby a painting is completed in severall steps  consisting of different layers of thinly and thickly applied paint. She chooses an impressionistic style inspired by the old Dutch, Italian and Spanish masters.


"I try to capture the essence of the subject I am painting. It is not about a photographic representation of what I see. In that case a camera will do the job.  I want to show the essence of the subject in brush strokes, paint layers, colours, values and edges. A creative idea is not enough; learning the craftmanship of traditional painting is an ongoing process and essential in becoming a good painter."



1991 - 1998       Master in modern history, University of Nijmegen

1994 - 1996       Photo academy Amsterdam

2001 - 2004       Masters in Business Administration University of Nottingham, UK                       

Painting Education

2013 - present    Painting school Marian Merk

2016                      Masterclass Teresa Oaxaca

2018                      Masterclass Nicholas Beer

2024                      Masterclass Hans Versfelt